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Asportazione truciolo

Code Brand Type Place
MSM8 Asservo Torino
MSM7 Salmoiraghi Torino
MTR15 Weiss Manfrend radial drill Torino
MMF22 Smap Torino
Ms11 Rem Torino
Ms10 Elus cutting machine and grinder for mold makers Elus model 400 Torino
Mte1 Gl Torino
Mte2 Dmc Torino
MMF21 Mecof Torino
MMF20 Huron Torino
MSM6 Salmoiraghi Torino
MTR12 BF tapping number of heads 10 revolutions per minute from 200 to 675 can drill and thread Torino
MTCM1 Brother Tapping center Torino
MT10 Morando Torino
MT8 Anselmi Torino
Ms4 Trennjager circular saw for metal Torino
MTR14 Unimatic Tapping with two heads Torino
Mtr12 Usa radial drill swivel head second run z 1000 mm traversable Torino
MRET3 Pons Torino
Ms3 Haltenbach Model hdm 800 Torino