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Since 2005, the company, located in the outskirts of Turin, operates in the wholesale of presses for sheet metal and related interlocks, after an initial period of activity in the field of servicing and maintenance of the presses turning point in the Veneto region.

Following the evolution of the market molding and metal forming we can offer our customers a complete range of machinery, which include not only the mechanical and hydraulic presses, but also the entire supply line and sheet developments.

We operate either on the Italian and foreign markets, our focus is to undertake new business relationships in emerging countries, from ‘Eastern Europe, to’ Asia and South America.

Our staff works with you in choosing the best technical solution, associating it with the administrative, financing, logistics, installation and manuals, providing the required technical documentation and expert opinions required by the current EU regulations.

E ‘on the road of collaboration with its customers that the Centre Presse Srl is launched towards increasingly demanding markets, competitive and exclusive not only oriented to the automotive industry.


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